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Sweden - A Great Country for Fishing!

Stor Sjö lake.

The lake is 7,300 ha in size and the press have described it as Sweden's best Pike-Perch lake.  On many islands you will find shelter from the wind and picnic areas and in the lake there are more than 20 species of fish including crayfish.  The lake-bed varies with some deep holes.  The western side of the lake is large and open and the eastern side is made up of many smaller bays and islands.


Lake Storsjön is Sweden’s best pikeperch lake.

Lake Storsjön is Sweden’s best zander (pikeperch) lake.  Zander & pike exceeding 10 kg were hooked there the last year.  No other Swedish lake had more big zander registered in 2012 than lake Storsjön!  Contact Outback Fishing, the local experts.


Sport fishing is primarily focused on zander, pike and perch.  In 2013 both zander and pike >10kg were caught.  An ordinary day, you have good chance to catch a Pike of over 80 cm or a zander of over 70 cm.


The varying nature of the lake makes it suitable for many different fishing methods.  Pike season is best in spring, autumn and winter, zander fishing is best in spring & summer.  However, fine catches are reported year round, many of the big fish are caught in autumn and winter. Catch and Release is practiced, but fish for dinner can be kept.


Storsjon is managed to ensure high quality fishing.  Maximum and minimum length is

applied.  There is a baglimit of 3 zander/pike per day and some spawning areas

are closed to fishing in the spring.  For more information, see www.fiskestorsjon.se.


Sweden is the perfect goal for every fisherman.

Here you find everything that an enthusiast could wish for, big fish, attractive waters and untouched nature. Regardless if you are an expert or a beginner, in Sweden there is a chance to experience the big fishing adventure.


The country for big pike.

Pike fishing in Sweden is among the best in the world. There are huge stocks of pike in countless lakes and rivers, as well as along the brackish water on the coast. And they weigh in at up to 20 kilos!  Stor Sjö lake has provided fishermen with pike weighing in at 12kg, pike-perch at 8kg and perch at 1.5kg.


Fishing regulations

Fishing is not included in the Right of Public Access, and on most lakes and rivers you need a fishing permit. Certain rules may apply, for example minimum size, catch limits and the use of private waters which are not covered by the permit. It is always worth checking if there are areas where fishing is not permitted, like the mouths of some rivers. Close seasons may apply, while some types of fishing may not be permitted in all or part of the fishery at certain times of year. Poaching is severely punished, so to avoid breaking the law anglers are advised to check on any special local conditions which may apply. Information is available at the place where you buy your permit. Permits or special permission are needed to fish anywhere in Sweden apart from the four largest lakes - Vänern, Vättern, Hjälmaren and Storsjön - or for sea fishing along the whole coastline.


Don't be greedy!

There are plenty of fish to be had all over Sweden, but anglers should never keep more fish than they need. Those of us who fish for enjoyment should take no more fish than we need for one day's lunch and dinner. This is sometimes referred to as "voluntary catch and release", but we prefer the term "ecological angling". We want to make sure that our grandchildren's children will one day be able to experience our fantastic fishing waters for themselves - with a healthy stock of wild fish in an undisturbed environment!

Your fishing lake is only 30 metres away from your front door.  here you can catch Pike, Perch and Zander (Pike Perch).


You will need a fishing permit available from Bilisten, Berglunds Bakery and Konsum in nearby Kungsgården at a cost of 150 SEK/wk or 50 SEK/day (U16 yrs free with one hand line).  Local guides available from Outback Fishing.  You can use our canoe or you can hire boats from 'Real Fishing', Storgatan 22 in Sandviken. tel: 0046 (0)26 218070, www.realfishing.se (boat without motor for 100 SEK/day 2012).

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