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Welcome to Stockholm Gästrikland Tourism Bear Park (open all year) Farnebofjarden National Park Carl Larsson Grdn (May-Sept) Canoe Hire & Adventures Welcome to Sandviken Wilderness Gallery Kybacka Gard Elk Park

If you ever wanted to get up-close and personal with an Elk you simply must visit Bosse and his wife here!  The website is in Swedish but they do speak English.  Just e-mail them before you go over or simply turn up. They have visitors from all over the world.  All done in a very natural way, not like a zoo at all.  Just do it!

Viking Museum (Jul-Aug 22)

Just over 2hrs drive from the cottage is Kolarbyn, a natural refuge for silence, wilderness and adventure in a beautiful forest setting.  Visit them for a Swedish wildlife adventure to remember - Moose Safari, Wolf Howling Tours, Wolf Safafi by Horse & Beaver Watching Tours or even fan the fires of love, spend the night in a cosy charcoaler hut!


Falun Copper Mine, Stora Kopparberget or Tiskasjöberg - are a few of the many names applied to this historic site, now promoted to a World Heritage site by UNESCO, "priceless to all of mankind". The Copper Mountain is Sweden's oldest and most important mine works. The mine has been excavated and chiselled throughout centuries by thousands of miners.

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Cycle Hire Wolf Granfors Axe Works Furuvik Theme Prk (May-Aug) gen.img Find hotels near  the Arlanda Airport, Stockholm SE!

Find hotels near Arlanda airport, Stockholm SE!

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"Many thanks for the use of your beautiful cottage over the past two weeks, we have just had a fabulous time and can’t believe what a great kept secret Sweden is for a Summer holiday."

Frecklington Family

August 2011

Sweden's 1st Butterfly Road Common Blue Butterfly - crop

The country's first fjärilsväg (Butterfly Road) is just south of Gävle, 1hrs drive away. The three-kilometer stretch of road east of Grinduga offers many beautiful sightings.


The soil in the area is rich in lime, which has made the summer roadsides full of nectar-rich flowers. The road is almost traffic free due to a road barrier and the many small clearings created since the 1960s has made ​​the road famous for its rich butterfly populations among those interested in butterflies from across Sweden.  

The initiative comes from Gästriklands entomological association and current landowners, Bergvik Forest. The project has been funded under the program for

endangered species.


Fjärilsvägen located approximately one mil south of Gävle. From Gavle: Take Highway 76 towards Furuvik, turn off at Grinnell Duga. Fjärilsvägen starts approximately 2 kilometers south of the village Grin Duga.


Click here for a map.

Welcome to northern Europe´s largest Bear Park & now the World's largest Polar Bear Park.  Orsa Bear Park is located in Grönklitt and is northern Europe's largest bear park. Here predators live in their natural habitat. Studying the animals in an environment where they are at home is an exciting and fascinating experience.

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Follow the Google Maps link to see the location of many of the tourist attractions in the vicinity of the cottage